Friday, 9 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 11

Been watching all EPL, Champions league and Europa League games this week and must admit its non stop entertainment for us fans irrespective of who we support.

Week 11 is right upon us after a week where we saw Man City, City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton drop points. It saw Man Utd taking top spot as a result. Who would have expected the likes of Norwich, Wigan, Aston Villa and West Ham to have a clean sheet over the weekend.

Lets get to Week 11 picks :

Easy Matchups :

Everton vs Sunderland
Stoke vs Qpr
Aston Villa vs Man Utd
Newcastle vs West Ham

Forwards :

1. Rooney : For those who are unable to get in Rvp due to his high price tag, Rooney is a good bet for the easy run of games Man Utd have in the coming weeks. After having taken over the penalty duties and creating as well as scoring, makes him a good pick..

2. Rvp     :  Top striker to have in your team and he continues to be considered a "fantasy God". Many doubted his move to Man utd and said that his best is behind him after his 30+ goals last season for Arsenal. But i do see him going way past those figures this year. 11 goals in all competitions already and we are still in November.

3. Jelavic : There is something about Everton that just makes them look strong at home. They have the highest shots on goal in all the leagues around Europe and thats a great stat. With the likes of Fellaini and Pienaar supporting well from midfield. Its gives Jelavic an edge over other forwards.

Option :
Crouch : Just gets past Ba due to the latter not being fully fit. Pardew has said the Ba has a good chance to make it for the week end. But Stoke have been great at home and having to host Qpr this week end makes this an exciting prospect. I do see some fireworks in that game.

Midfielders :

4. Fellaini : Man in form, great use of his height and playing upfront just behind Jelavic makes him a great prospect for the weekend. He is on 4 yellow cards, just 1 away from suspension but a great pick for this week.

5. Cazorla : He just stands out in this Arsenal team and its a pleasure to watch him play. Having scored in both of his outings, he is in good form.

6. Morrison : Was unable to play last week as he injured himself but is fit to face Wigan this weekend.For those looking for a differential, he could be a good option.

7. Ben Arfa : He has not been in double digits for the last 7 weeks which is not what we expect from a player of his caliber. However, this just seems to be the week where Newcastle pick themselves up and do not let the likes of Everton move ahead of them.

Option :
H.Robson- Kanu : Another differential pick worth a look this week as Reading host Norwich. He has been a  great addition to Reading's team this year and with 2 goals already he is worth a look.

G. Ramirez : Just adding another option, G . Ramirez is back from injury and its a good time to have a look at picking him as they face Swansea at home.

Defenders :

8. Rafael : Having rested during midweek, he seems to be a good pick over the next month or so as Man utd seem to be having a great run of fixtures. He seems to be doing week in attack as well and adds alot of points to his output.

9. Cameron : Seems to be the pick of Stoke defenders and he does return more than his value every time you pick him. I would recommend him for this week as Qpr do look week from on their left defensive side.

10. S. Taylor : He seems to be getting back to full flow in a slow manner but no doubt he is a quality defender. With an affordable price tag, he is worth a look at home against West Ham.

Option :
Bertrand : With A. Cole injured and no update as yet on his return, one has to keep an eye on Bertrand who could well replace him over the weekend. We shall keep you updated about this one. He is a good enabler as well.

Goalkeeper :

11. Begovic : Seems to be the pick of the keepers this week as they face Qpr at home. Having a great record at home, they seem to be a strong unit at the Britannia.

Option :
Howard : Another cheap option this week is Howard. As explained above regarding Evertons performances both in offense and defense have been great this season. Well worth a look against Sunderland who seem to have run out of ideas upfront.

Well that all we have this week. Do let us know how your team is shaping up, will be glad to add to it.



  1. Hi.first!
    Need opinion,
    Myteam :
    vert bass shorey
    caz michu fella sterling
    suarez runi mirallas

    im leaning toward howard instead of tremmel but i will losing shorey with 4.5mill only afford any thought on this.

    1. Howard + Wilkinson seems better than Tremmel and Shorey.

      Both have a good chance of a clean sheet.

  2. Y u don't recommend ba n valenia

    1. Ba is mentioned above along with Crouch. Feel he is not 100% and is being pushed to the limits every week.He might do well though.

      Valencia will do well no doubt, but went with form of Morrison.

  3. what about s maloney (Wig) or Morrison (Wba)
    which prefer to choose these weekend

    1. Prefer Morrison just by a small margin as maloney is a decent shout.

  4. my team atm:
    vert, nelson, wilkinson
    cazorla, michu, fellani, oscar
    mirallas, Rvp, hazard

    torn between Wilkinson + nelson and Bertrand + bassong

    1. Bertrand and Bassong.

      See if there is a price change and somehow you can have Bertrand and wilkinson.

  5. Hi AM,

    Like usual need your opinion for my team these week.
    Here there are:

    Saw your comment on Ba that he not fully fit yet.
    so i made some alternative plan..

    Cazorla/Anita/Michu/Whelan or Mikel

    So i'm in dilemma right now. Any advise? which team should i choose.

    1. Ba is fit to play this weekend.

      Like your 1st team.

  6. Boroc
    Verto. Shorey. Bassong.
    Cazorla. Ben arfa. Fellaini. Valencia.
    Tevez. Hazard. Ba / p cisse


  7. Or striker change to

    Tevez. Lambert. Cisse

    Or tevez change to Rooney.


  8. Hi mr AM,
    Im torn between michu n g ramirez both full price coz u didnt recommend michu this week as they have good match up.any suggestion.

    1. Was really considering Michu in our picks as he is playing as a striker in the last few weeks plus doing well.

      But as we could only have 15 picks there, had to leave him out.

      Both are great picks. I prefer home players when it gets too close to call.

  9. As what i ve in mind.maybe do final change.tq anyway

  10. here my team
    is it gd??

    vert bassong shorey
    carzola lallana sterling fellani
    giroud mirallas rvp

    should i change howard + fellani to borus + baines?

  11. B.Jones (WBA) or Wilkinson (-ve last week)?

  12. HI AM,
    Little confusion for whom to make captain. Saurez or Valencia?