Thursday, 18 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 8

Seems like a long break, doesn't it ? There isn't any reason to like these international breaks and its great to be nearing a matchday, an EPL matchday. Its week 8, one-fifth of the season mark, and its time to step up as a fantasy manager.

Good thing about a break is it breaks the momentum in case you have not been doing well and gives you lots of time to reconsider your strategy moving forward. There have been many points that ones got to learn from the way this season has started.

Week 8 starts with a London derby and has some nice fixtures which you could easily call one sided. The pick of the lot are :

Norwich vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Reading
Man Utd vs Stoke
QPR vs Everton

Forwards :

1. Suarez :
I would consider Suarez as a must have specially when they host Reading. There is no doubt that he can explode when given the opportunities and this Liverpool side is improving every week. Their understanding of other players is improving and they are starting to play as a team.

2. Jelavic
Been in great form since returning from injury and is a good option for their matchup against QPR who are clearly struggling to stop getting scored against.

3. Giroud
His time on the bench seems to be over and with his performance last match day and also for France in midweek, he will be handed the front role for Arsenal in the coming few matchdays. Still affordable and with Arsenal to face Norwich and QPR in the next 2 weeks ill suggest you bring him in.

Options : Berbatov
Great option to have for any week. He has been super for Fulham and its great to see him showing his class playing for a smaller clubs, a scenario which seems to bring the best out of him. He is a great fantasy asset and with Fulham entering a easy run of fixtures, he must be considered. Fulham's next 6 fixtures are Aston Villa , Reading, Everton. Arsenal, Sunderland and Stoke.

Midfielders :

4. Cazorla
He is featured in all our previews till date and how on earth can you not mention this guy. Great player with some great matchups over the next 2 weeks.

5. Michu 
You may start to dislike him and every week seems to be "the last ". However im one of those who has some patience and hoping it pays off. I would give him this week to show some results before pressing the panic button. With Swansea playing Man City next week, i would give him a run this week before thinking of a suitable replacement.

6. Nolan
He does seem to be the differential at home. He provides lots of opportunities and if he gets it right , he could put you ahead of who are competing against.

7. Taarabt
Having watched him play the last 2 weeks , his performances have been one of the best for any midfielder in this league. Some great individual skills , 2 goals in the last 2 games and back with confidence makes him a good pick for this week. QPR need to move up and he will be key to their season.

Option : Kagawa
Playing behind the strikers in the new diamond formation Alex is trying to experiment with , makes Kagawa a good option to have when Utd play Stoke at home.

Defenders : 

8. Baines
Incase you have the funds to get an expensive defender, Baines has to be the pick of them as he seems to be getting his chances in offense. Been handed the penalty kick duty as we saw in Week 7, he will be a good asset to have.

9. Vermaelen 
Arsenal seem to have a good run of matches and it would be necessary to have one of their defenders. Vermaelen has had a slow start but with the easy matchups it could be a good opportunity for him to step up.

10. Rafael 
Averaging just under 10 pts per game and already scored 2 goals are some good stats for a defender. In case you feel Ivanovic has a tough matchup against Spurs, Rafael could be a good option to get in.

Option :Ivanovic
He has been the pick of the players in the first 7 matchdays and is undoubtedly the differential for those who find themselves on top of the table. Irrespective of any opposition, i would not risk not having him in my side.

( Note Terry has accepted his 4 match ban and will miss games against Spurs, Manchester United, Swansea and Capital One cup tie against Manchester United )

Goalkeepers :

11. Reina
Still cheap and a good matchup for Reina. He does not produce big numbers but is a safe bet this week and is a could provide good returns on your investment.

Option : Mannone
Has been great for Arsenal in the absence of Szczesny and seems to be a great option for the coming few weeks. With Szezesny still sidelined due to injury, it makes Mannone a good option to consider.

Well thats all for our top 15 picks for Week 8 and it seems to be a great matchday coming up. Its good to be back watching some live EPL games and lets hope we all fantasy managers have a great weekend.

You may feel free to discuss in the comments section below. Ill be there to chip in with my thoughts.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Tevez to Suarez or Giroud for a hit ?

    1. Suarez but I would not like to take a hit for that sub. Would hold onto tevez as he has a good run of matches coming up.

  2. Isn't Reina injured?

    1. Nothing confirmed.

      Will let you know by later today.

  3. Mr AM, what do u think steve G this still learning forward liv players this weekend and heavily pick up ars-liv players.
    My team:
    Jenk vert agger
    Caz gerr nolan duff
    Suarez jelavic podolski

    Last change depend on news:
    Reina to mannone,jelavic to giroud,or keep jelavic swap podolski to giroud instead

    Any opinion highly appreciated,tq

    1. Looks good.

      I like the 2nd option, Podolski to Giroud.

  4. I just feared that sagna comes in for jenkinson.any news ?

  5. Hi AM,

    My team for this week:

    Vertonghen Riether Rafael
    Cazorla Michu Duff Nolan
    Suarez Berbatov Giroud

    Still confused about replacing Nolan & Rafael with Gerrard and a filler defender. Which one is better? Any changes needed? Thanks for the advice.

    1. Save it. Looks good.

      Nolan and rafael looks better.

  6. how about taarabt replaced by sterling?

    1. sterling or kacaniklic?

    2. Sterling is a good bet too and saves you funds.

    3. If reina injured means I need to resuffle once again.whose better jelavic or berbatov,why anyone chose podolski over giroud

  7. Dissappointed week as I stick with reina tough I know his injured but couldnt lose him on discount.the good news is I dont sell him over mannone.ars players are dud yesterday caused me under 90 pts.anyway tq for yr advice mr AM