Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 35

Coming off a great matchday last week where most of the picks did really well and gave high double figures.I was out for most of last week but i did see all your comments and was happy to see mostly everyone had the Tevez-Aguero combination which gave 62.5 pts together.

With just 4 matchdays to go,its all to play for as many teams will be putting their best XI on the pitch and with most of the teams out of other competitions, there is no risk of rotations or resting of players.

Week 35 contains all 10 fixtures plus an additional fixture i.e Aston Villa vs Bolton.Therefore these two teams play two games this week.This is an interesting twist to the tail as most of the fantasy managers now need to compare the good one gamers to lets say an average double gamer options from these two teams who are not in the best of form.

Lets have a look at the best picks from Aston Villa and Bolton :

Keeper : Both teams play their first game at home against teams who struggle on the road i.e Swansea and Sunderland (have failed to score in their last 2 games including a 4-0 defeat against Everton away from home)This gives Given an edge over Bogdan. Also Aston Villa play at home against Bolton in their extra game.Advantage Given

Defenders : Aston Villa coach Mc Leish has stated that Cuellar is pushing for a starting role and Warnock is available this weekend.This makes the likes of Baker and Lichaj risky picks.Though i would expect Lichaj to start ahead of Warnock.Clark is fit to play this week and should keep his place in midfield.Collins and Hutton are sure starters and should keep their places.

Out of the Bolton defenders, the only ones that i would look at is Wheater and Ream (cheap option)

Midfielders : The pick of the midfielders is M.Petrov who is worth 14.xx.He is capable of the high scores and is in good form.In case you dont want to spend so much, there is Miyaichi who is very consistent with his output.He is worth 8.xx and is a good investment for this week.In the Aston Villa camp, the only midfielder worth a look is N'Zogbia who is pushing for a start this weekend and if he plays the way he is capable of , he could turn out to be a good pick for just 7.xx.

Other options like Bannan and Ireland are highly inconsistent and i wouldnt see them doing well in 2 games in a row.

Forwards : For some reason i dont see much in here.I agree the forward options are cheap and can give you just about decent points over two games but i will only look at this space only if im left with 6-9 points for a third forward or may be a fifth midfielder.You could look at Weimann and Agbonlahor.I prefer the latter.I would rather have a good forward and an average midfielder rather than the other way around.

So thats all from this additional game.Lets have a look at the easiest matchups this week :

Fulham vs Wigan
Wolves vs Man City
Man Utd vs Everton ( Just the fact that its a must win )
Liverpool vs WestBrom
Newcastle vs Stoke

Forwards :

Tevez      : What a performace! He is back and im sure Mancini will be starting him again after his hattrick.

Aguero   : Great form and against the bottom of the table team who dont have a first choice keeper this week.Im all in Man City forwards this week

P.Cisse    : After a long break, he will want to get back to where he left off.With Newcastle trying to get to the 4th spot, they will need this man to keep his form to the highest level as it is presently.He is partnering well with Ben Arfa and is worth the investment.

Rooney  : He has scored in each of the last 5 home games.Even though the records against his former club are not great, but you cant keep him out when they play at home.Factors like Penalty taker, Nani is back and in contention for a start, valencia in form etc all add up to make Rooney's output higher.

Midfielders :

Dempsey : He always makes it to out pick of the midfielders whenever Fulham are at home.He has had an amazing season and is in great form.

Nani         : Good to see Nani back from his injury and he didnt take too long to score a goal as if he wasnt out at all.i would expect Nani to get a start on the left wing ahead of Young who was criticised last week for his dive which led to a United penalty.He is still cheap as compared to what he is usually worth and in case you looking for big numbers, he is the pick.

Valencia : Those of you who have Valencia, i dont see any risk of rotations as the guy is in great form and Everton is not a walkover for Alex to rest his in form player.But i do see a choice between picking Nani and Valencia in your team. I would somehow stick with Valencia just for the fact that he has been in such good form for so long now and wouldnt need a sack so soon.

Ben arfa : With such a great run and an solo goal, he has cemented his place in the Newcastle starting line up.He has also gone on to overshadow the likes of Cabaye and Ryan Taylor.He is evenly priced at 11.xx and is well worth it.

Maxi Rodriguez : The pick of the Liverpool midfielder who has 4 goals in the 8 games he has played.With the absence of Adam and the poor form of the likes of Kuyt/ Downing i see him playing a more forward role behind the strikers.Good investment

Defenders :

Here i would stick with only players with good discounts such as Evans, Santon, Richards, Kolarov or Rafael.As Wigan are in good form and fighting to stay up, i wouldnt risk it with Fulham defenders.

Goalkeepers :

Reina couldnt be cheaper than 4.6 and is good value for a keeper of his standards.
In case you want to save your funds for elsewhere, 'Rob'inson is at 1.00 who plays at home against Norwich.

Well, thats not all, there our the best of the rest picks :

Forwards     : Adebayor,Yakubu( if fit)
Midfielders : Sigurdsson,Sessegnon,Bale
Defenders   : Vermaelen
Keeper        : Friedel

Well thats hell lot of options this week.In a nut shell, keep the money forward, invest in sure shot point getters and in case funds are limited look for value picks in defence as there are plenty of cheap options this week.No point losing good one gamers to average double gamers.

Keep your comments coming in and looking forward to our weekly discussions in the comments section below.All important updates / early team news etc are available on our official twitter @iFantasyEPL.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Sitting on

    Lichaj Clark Ream
    Siggy Miyaichi Nani Petrov
    Tevez Aguero Agbonlahor
    with 3.88 left

    any suggestions?

    1. i would swap nani for valencia as the latter is the sure starter.

    2. Team looks good Trini.

      There isnt much you can change in there as unfortunately these are the only good double gamers this week.

      i have high expectations of Petrov and its money well spent.

      Nani vs Valencia( In retail )is a toss up.But both will start.Nani would end up taking free kicks, Shots on targets and may be goals.If you had Valancia at 10.xx or cheaper i would consider keeping him and spending those 4-5 pts else where.

      what would you do with 3.88? May be ben Arfa instaed of Miyachi ...may be but its good what you have there.

    3. i switched petrov to HBA and ream to Kompany

    4. 3-5-2 may be?

      Ben Arfa instead of Agbonlahor in your previous team.

    5. I did some more switching and found a way to work in Cisse

      Lichaj Clark Ream
      Siggy Miyaichi N'zogbia Hoilett
      Tevez Aguero Cisse

  2. How about:
    Given/ Lichaj, Wheater, Hutton/ Beausejour, Bannan, Petrov, Ireland/ RvP, Weimann, Tevez

    1. Decent team there Tayo.

      You would hope for some decent outputs from Bannan,Ireland and Beausejour.

      Rest looks good.Like the Wheater and Hutton picks there.

  3. RvP + Weimann vs. Kun + Miyaichi....
    Which pair is likely to score more points????

    1. Kun ( against Wolves ) and Miyachi( consistent)

  4. Team For Gw35
    Lescot - Evans - Cahill
    Gerard - M.Petrov - Valencia - Siggy
    Adebayor - Suarez - Tevez[captain]

    Subs: Vorm - Walcott - Kelly - Wilkinson

    Undecided over to whether to play walcott [why do i replace from my midfield if i use walcott & why]. Also: kelly/wilkinson [chelsea being in good form defensively keeps them on the bench].

    1. Hi Derp,

      Really strong team for this week.

      Walcott is okay on the bench against Chelsea ( and Cahill)

  5. would dropping van persie for other options be a wise choice. say cisse or bale. since both have double games next week and arsenal are playing an on form chelsea team anyway.

    1. Depends on how much you have RVP for.

      If you have him at 21.xx you should keep him as he will return the value.

      If its more than 25 i would look elsewhere. Theres Dempsey,Cisse who are good picks.

      Not too sure of Bale who plays away and there are many in that team who could take points off him.

  6. Two Aston Villa home games, I'm banking on an AV clean sheet!

    My team


    Evans / Lichaj / Clark / Collins

    Siggy / Miyaichi / M. Petrov

    RVP / Tevez / Weimann

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Johnson,

      Yes Aston Villa at home is tempting but

      You have Miyachi and Petrov playing against Given/Lichaj/clark/collins in the double game.

      It has been proven in previous double matchdays that its not a high scoring scenario.

      Try keeping it to 3-4-3 and get a decent midfielder.

  7. Replies
    1. he is a rotation risk as seen in the recent games.He has been coming on from the bench lately so dont see him starting two games in a row.

  8. Hi AM, please rate my team at the moment:


    Ream Wheater Collins Clark

    Siggy Petrov Miyaichi

    Aguero Tevez Yakubu

    4.54 left in my bank.

    I'm keen to take Yakubu if he starts. Blackburn can't afford to lose anymore when face Norwich that not able to keep clean sheet, as usual.

    Advices to my whole team needed, TQ.

    1. Yak is a good hunch this week and could work out.

      I prefer Given to Bogdan just for the fact that 2 homes and their defenders are all fit.

      Also you could look at N Zogbia as your 4th midfielder as he is due a big game.

  9. Flanagan sure starter for this week?

  10. How about Suarez? Comments

    1. Liverpool are struggling to score more than 2 goals in a game and that two lucky injury time winners.

      Suarez could end up scoring a goal but not worth 18.xx for me. Better value else where.

      If you are a Liverpool fan, then its upto you.

  11. my team: Rob, vermaelen, baker, kirgiakos (enabler), siggy, HBA, valencia, VDV, p.cisse, tevez, aguero

    my question: to VDV or not to VDV?
    i want at least one spurs lad (just a hunch)

    1. M. Petrov should give more in two games than Vdv.

      Im staying away from Spurs, their confidence is rock bottom.

      Try to get someone cheaper( Petrov/Miyachi/NZogbia ) and try to upgrade Rob/Kirgiakos

    2. another question. should i change baker?? .with c.clark perhaps.

      thanks very much AM

    3. Yes you should.Clark has more chance of playing than Baker.

      No problem.Cheers

  12. Currently on:


    Lichaj, Evans, Clark

    Siggy, MPet, Ryo, HBA

    Tevez, Weimann, Aguero

    with 3.11 in the bank. MPet or Silva AM? Any other changes i should make? Doesn't feel right with that extra money in the bank

    1. Having Aguero and Tevez should take care of your Man City game.

      Better to put your money on M Petrov.

      Yes it doesnt feel good to have pts outside,who would you upgrade? Hmm..Weimenn/Hba to may be Ba/N Zogbia or may be just upgrade Weimann to Pogre( he is fit to play)..just giving you options.

  13. vorm
    clark lichaj ream
    valencia siggy dorrans petrov miyaichi/bannan
    cisse agbonlahor/weimann

    comments am? very worried cause decided to drop rvp at 27. hope he doesnt score a hattrick like the reverse fixture. :/

    1. If you feel he will score then stick with him.

      But you will need to take him out next week as several teams play twice in Week 36.

      He will give you minimum 15-18 pts atleast, so if you are okay with that stick with him.

      Prefer Miyachi to Bannan.

      Prefer Agbon to Weimann.

  14. Plz comment

    Ream / Gibbs, Collins, lichaj
    Siggy / silva, Valencia, Charles n zogbia, petrov / miyaichi
    Aguero / Suarez, tevez, agbonlahor

    1. You have the right picks there Alfred.

      Ream,Siggy,Petrov,Aguero are good to go.

  15. Hi AM,

    This is my team for the week:

    Vermaelen Lichaj Clark
    Valencia Sigurdsson Bannan M.Petrov
    RVP Tevez Aguero

    Which one is better, Clark Petrov or Hutton Miyaichi? Do I need any other changes? Thank You.

    1. Prefer Petrov and Clark

      Team looks good.Shd save it.

  16. Early team sheets for Arsenal vs Chelsea will be available on our twitter @iFantasyEPL 10 mins before Yahoo deadline.

  17. Final team for Week 35 :


    Evans Lichaj Clark

    Sigurdsson Valencia Petrov N Zogbia

    Tevez Aguero P.Cisse

    Hope you all have a good team for this matchday.

    Good luck to all !!!

  18. clark not in the team against sunderland!!..i swap him with baker *sigh..hopefully he will play during midweek

  19. Week 36 (this should be the longest barndoor we ever have, so making full use of it)

    can't decide who I should bring in (who could have a big week?)

    FW - Cisse/Jelavic
    MF - Cabaye/Pienaar/HBA/VDV
    DF - Santon/Gallas
    GK - Cech/Friedel

    0.8 Available Fund left

    Currently W36 (longest) BD'ed Team:

    Evans@6, Santon, Flanagan
    Siggy@9, Vdv, Pienaar, HBA
    Kun@6, Tev@6, Jelavic

    Please comment!

    1. Good team, i wouldn't change anything

      Flanagan wont play so you will have to accept a zero.

    2. Thanks for your reply.
      Changed Flanagan to Bassong
      Yahoo! price updated

      Should have kept Cabaye instead of HBA on the BD since his price shoot up while HBA's price dropped abit.