Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 33

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter !!!

The deadline for Week 33 is 12.00 noon U.K Time on Monday i.e 09.04.2012 so we have less than a day to get our teams ready.

This is a very brief edition as we will analyze each matchup with best picks, team news and the rotation risks which play a very important part in Easter matchweeks.

First up, the easy matchups :

Tottenham vs Norwich
Newcastle vs Bolton
Man City vs West Brom
Wolves vs Arsenal
Wigan vs Man Utd

Lets have a look at players and risks with each matchup :

Tottenham vs Norwich

Best Picks : Freidel, Vdv, Lennon, Adebayor

Injury doubts : Bale

Rotation risks : Adebayor, Gallas

Remarks : With Bale a serious injury doubt and Lennon ready for a start, i feel Harry will be tempted to start with a 4-4-2 formation with Adebayor starting with either Defoe or Saha as he would like to give these two some more playing time.Its advantage Tottenham and im sure they will be too strong at home for Norwich.

Aston Villa vs Stoke

Best Picks : Given, Lichaj, Crouch

Remarks : Its not a matchup where you have a clean favourite, but i just feel Aston Villa will have a slight edge over Stoke being the home side.Stoke looked poor against Wolves even though they won by a narrow margin. On the other hand, Villa must be thrilled with a point at Anfield.

Newcastle vs Bolton

Best Picks : P.Cisse, Ben Arfa, Krul, Santon, Ba ( Hunch)

Rotation risks : Santon

Remarks : Newcastle are clear favourites in this one.When does Cisse stop scoring? Well, we dont want him to stop and continue his amazing run.I wouldnt suggest you to buy him at 24.xx but in case you have him at a cheaper price, its worth sticking on.Also, i do feel its time Ba gets in a big performance.

Everton vs Sunderland

Best Picks : Jelavic, Pienaar, Sessegnon

Rotation risks : Jelavic ( FA cup semi final coming up )

Remarks : Not a favourable matchup again and its the good form of Mr. Jelavic which does interest me.Im sure Moyes will be tempted to play him instead of giving him a rest to ensure he is fit for the FA cup semi final.

Fulham vs Chelsea

Best picks : Dempsey, Torres, Ivanovic

Rotation risks : Drogba, Mata, Ivanovic

Remarks : This is the first of the tough stretch of games for Chelsea and they will have to rotate their squad as they have the FA cup semi final against Tottenham coming up before the two legs of Barcelona. Torres is improving by the game and  has to be considered. Dempsey is having an amazing season and his home form is even better.In case you hold a discount on Ivanovic, its tempting to hold on to him.

Blackburn vs Liverpool

Best Picks : Agger (6.28), Doni ( 4.32 ),

Remarks : Liverpool have been poor this season and have nothing to play for literally.Just try to look for fillers in this game instead of buying players on retail.

Qpr vs Swansea

Best Picks : Sigurdsson, Sincliar, Vorm( 11.22), Taarabt

Remarks : Im not all in on this one again and just an in form player like Sigurdsson would be good enough in this game.Qpr will conceed as they have been doing for the last 20+ games in a row and i would fancy players like Siggy , Sincliar and Graham to make the most of the situation.

Man City vs West Brom

Best Picks : Aguero, Tevez, Hart ( 13.49 before the Arsenal game )

Rotation risks : Balotelli ( suspended ), Aguero

Remarks : With a confirmed lineup infront of me for the Arsenal game, i would expect more playing time for Tevez in midweek as he does not start against Arsenal.Its a good matchup to have a confirmed starting forward in your side.Two games in 3 days too much for Aguero and Balotelli is suspended. I would expect Tevez to start in midweek.Hart is at a all time low and in case you have the funds, its a good investment.

Wolves vs Arsenal

Best Picks : Rvp , Walcott, Vermaelen, Szczesny, Ox

Rotation risks : Gibbs, Rosicky

Remarks : Its advantage Arsenal and Rvp this week. Wolves have been poor and this matchup has a potential of being a big scoring encounter.In case you can afford Rvp , it wont be a bad idea as he is due a BIG game this week.Wenger would be tempted to rotate his midfield and this could prove good for the likes of Ox and Ramsey who have been warming the bench for sometime now.

Wigan vs Man Utd

Best Picks : Rooney, Valencia, Evans, Young, Hernandez

Rotation risks : Welbeck, Valencia, Rafael

Remarks : After having watched Man Utd against Qpr and Wigan vs Chelsea , i got to say that this is not a cake walk for United even though they will end up winning.Wigan will give a fight for sure and United will have to finish the game sooner than later.In case you have Valencia at a big discount , i would suggest you hold on to him as nani has not even made it to the bench, a tactic Alex is used to before starting any player returning from injury.Hernandez is a good pick to start that match as he didnt feature against Qpr.Welbeck was poor and i dont think he will feature against Wigan.

Well thats all we have for Week 33.The deadline is approaching quickly so i hope you have the best team ready by Monday.

For any query or suggestion , please feel free to comment in the section below. You can follow our official twitter account @iFantasyEPL to be updated on any important info regarding your fantasy weekend.

IMP NOTE : 8 teams dont play in Week 34 , the fixtures are as under :

Gameweek 34 Fixtures

14 Apr 12:45 Norwich v Man City
14 Apr 15:00 Sunderland v Wolves
14 Apr 15:00 Swansea v Blackburn
14 Apr 15:00 West Brom v QPR
15 Apr 16:00 Man Utd v Aston Villa
16 Apr 20:00 Arsenal v Wigan

Keep that in mind before picking players for next week.

Have a great matchday.


  1. Given
    Lichaj Baker Smalling (he's got to start now..)
    Siggy Young Cleverley Lennon
    Tevez Ba RvP

    with 2.6 to spend

    1. Hi Trini,

      Good forward line there, i hope they score BIG. The potential is there.

      3 fillers ? Cleverley, Baker, Lichaj - try upgrading one of them.

      3 AstonVilla defenders : Given, Lichaj,Baker - try reducing 1 because Stoke can score and Villa do conceed.Its a risk.

    2. I can't do too much. But i got

      Baker Flanagan Smalling
      Siggy Young Lennon Ox
      Tevez Ba RvP

      got rid of a villa defender and cleverly changed to ox.

    3. Looks better than the previous one.

  2. Please rate my team:

    Evans, Ivanovic, XxX
    Siggy, Ryo, Valencia, xXx
    Kun, Jelavic, Xxx

    I'm holding Gallas-Vdv-Welback behind the scene.
    I could go with
    a) Gallas-Ox-RvP
    b) Baker/Flanagan-Lennon-RvP

    Read Harry could rest Gallas in back-to-back games so close, same goes with Kun and Jelavic (FA Cup). If there are more concrete news of their starting status, I might swap them to Tevez.

    1. Hi there,

      Firstly how much do you have Aguero for ?

    2. since week1 @ 6.53
      I know i could swap him for tevez but frankly speaking i don't trust tevez (yet).

    3. You should hold on to Aguero at 6.53

      Prefer Rvp-Lennon-baker.

      Jelavic is a 75-25 to start.As he is in top form you should stick with him.

  3. Team atm


    Lichaj, Evans, Ivanovic

    Siggy, Valencia, Rosicky, Lennon

    P.Cisse, Rooney@25, Jelavic

    Should I go Rooney/Jelavic/Rosicky/Doni to RVP/Tevez/Pienaar/Robinson?

    1. Yes you should.

      Rvp - no rotation risk
      Tevez - will start
      Pienaar - will start as he is cup tied in the FA cup
      Robinson - risky pick but even Doni is risky so similiar.

    2. 1 more question AM, i could go from Pienaar/Robbo to Gibson/Doni. Is it worth it or should i stick with the default RVP team?

    3. Pienaar/ Rob is better and stick with it in my opinion.

    4. Your choice Gibson / Doni gave -5.5

      My suggestion Pienaar / Robinson + 11


  4. Hi AM, this is my team at the moment:


    Flanagan Baker Djourou

    Siggy HBA Gibson Cleverley

    Rooney RVP Kalou

    I gonna replace Djourou and Gibson with Betrand and Krancjar if they starts. Do you think they will? Please rate my whole team too, TQ.

    1. Brave move there to get in Rooney and Rvp.

      Djourou and Gibson will start for sure.

      Not too sure of Betrand ( will be rotated ) and Krancjar will play only if Bale does not recover from his injury.So its all last moment stuff.

      You could also consider Ox in place of Gibson.

    2. Will Gervinho take over Ox's place as he not even in the list in last game, thats what I worried.

    3. I would risk it with ox as he is due a game in my opinion.In case you want to be safer, Gibson is okay.

  5. Hi AM,

    This if my team for the week:

    Vermaelen Bassong Kolarov
    Valencia Sigurdsson Gerrard Ben Arfa Lennon
    Tevez RVP

    I know there're some uncertain starters there in Kolarov and Tevez. But Kolarov didn't start the last time and City needs some goals. Plus, with no Balotelli around, I think he will take all the free kicks. I can change Lennon + Kolarov to VDV + filler defender, but VDV might also get rotated. Any comments? Thanks.

    1. I like the team as it is.You dont need to make any changes.

      Lennon plus Kolorov are good picks this week.

  6. Team For GW32:
    Evans Lescott Cahill
    Gerrard Walcott Valencia Siggy
    Rooney Suarez Rvp

    Subs: Vorm, Yaya Toure, Wilkinson, kelly [Fulham]

    * I am undecided over who to captain: Candidaates are - Rooney, Valencia or RVP

    1. sorry i meant "team for GW33"

    2. Captain RVP.

      Rooney and Valencia wont play the full match due to rotations.

    3. RVP it is then :). Thanks mate.
      No changes planned to this side for gw34. as there are 9 eligible players who i can use for that week. so transfer to be saved.
      For GW35 considering bringing in miyaichi or martin petrov. the extra other tranfer to be spent on a Double game weeker of GW36. And another free transfer and a 4point hit if need be on GW36 to bring in double game weekers :)

  7. Rate My team :)
    given / flana ivan baker / pienaar ox gerrard valencia / RVP defoe chica

  8. would it be crazy to drop rooney at 25 for cisse? seeing that cisse doesnt have a match next week?

    1. Rooney or Rvp for me this week.

      Cisse is great but not worth 24.

  9. thanks mate. lol.

    flanagan baker -emptyslot-
    gerrard valencia siggy lennon
    rooney saha hernandez

    comments? left with 10 bucks for a defender. considering getting rid of gerrard too

  10. Final team for Week 33 :


    Evans Santon Agger

    Sugurdsson Valencia Lennon Pienaar

    Hernandez Rvp Tevez

    I hope it turns out to be a good week just like Week 32 :)

    Have a great matchday all. Wish you all the very best.Cheers.

    Keep the chat going :)