Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 28

The Last Matchday Week 27 started with all negative news such as Aguero, Silva, Taiwo and Richards being rested or injured, one thought of the worst possible outcome but it was the rescue act by Pogrebnyak,Dempsey,Sigurdsson,Riise,Young and RVP which not only saved the day but made it a big week for most of us.

With just 11 matchdays to go,it gets more important to take each matchday on its own merit rather than looking too far ahead.

Week 28 is crucial as it does have an extra game ( Liverpool vs Everton ) and therefore these 2 teams play twice this week.Do we go all in with this game or take a mid way approach or just simply stay away ? The answer to this could be crucial to the way our teams perform at this important stage.

Lets get straight to the teams who play twice this week :

Liverpool  ( Sunderland( Away ) , Everton( Home) )
Everton    ( Tottenham ( Home ) , Liverpool ( Away) )

Goalkeeper : J. Reina ( Top keeper this week for me as the matchups are against teams who tend to score not more than one goal if not none.Sunderland have been a little off in the previous games and are without Sessegnon and Cattermole who are out suspended.Everton,away from home, have been poor and haven't scored more than 1 goal against Wigan and Qpr in their last two away games.)

Defenders : Skrtel,Enrique,and Carragher should play most of the two games.G.Johnson is expected to return from injury which could result in Kelly making way for him.We will update more on G.Johnson's return on Friday when we have a detailed injury update from Liverpool.Carragher did have a bad game against Arsenal but i dont see him being disrespected and should keep his place in the centre of defence.I would stay away from Everton defenders as i see better options elsewhere.

Midfielders: I prefer Everton midfielders for 2 games rather than Liverpool players as they are cheaper and have a better chance of returning value than the reds.Drenthe and Pienaar ( unavailable against Spurs ) stand out and have been valued reasonably.Steven Gerrard could be back to face Sunderland but thats about it , Adams hasnt been averaging much, Kuyt could be benched for Carroll or Bellamy and Downing has been poor.

Forward : Suarez ( You can hate him but you just cant ignore him for this week.He has been having his chances since he returned from his 8 match ban.He is a must have in your team for this week as you wouldnt want to lose out on the opportunity that comes along with the frontman.)In case you dont have 16+ to spend on Suarez, Bellamy could be a good option ( cheap at around 10)

Best of the Rest Matchups:

Chelsea vs Stoke
Man Utd vs WBA
Norwich vs Wigan

Forwards : Rooney ( With Man Utd starting a favourable period as they play all teams from the 2nd half of the table, Rooney is the must have for this period ), Drogba & Sturridge ( With AVB gone, the pressure must have eased out and all players at Chelsea could freely play under their caretaker manager which was much needed in the circumstances they have been in.) Holt ( Playing Wigan at home couldnt get easier and you would fancy Norwich forwards to make the most of it.Worth a gamble in case you would want to do something different )

Midfielder : Young ( Back in form, back on the score sheet and with Man Utd heading towards a easy run of games , Young could be ideal in your team for this period ) Lampard ( With no more of AVB disrespecting him, Lampard will be a regular starter for Chelsea and will be crucial for the run in for the 4th spot ) Pilkington ( Norwich has a easy one this week against a poor Wigan side who dont seem to be getting anyting on the road at all.Pilkington has stood out in this side in the last couple of weeks and is my hunch pick for this week )

Defenders : Jones ( You wouldnt get him any cheaper than 8.29 and with Man Utd entering a favourable period, this is the time to get him in ) Smalling ( could be back against WBA and is well worth his price of around 6,check team news on Friday )

Goalkeepers : Bogdan ( He was brilliant against Man City last week and is a good keeper in a average team.At around 7 is a good bargain against QPR who like their shots on target)  Ruddy ( reasonably prices at below 8 could be worth a shout against Wigan )

Other options ( Bad matchups but great form of player/team)

Forwards    :  Pogrebnyak, Aguero, Rvp, Yak, Balotelli

Midfielders : Dempsey,Sigurdsson,Miyaichi,Taarabt, Silva

Defenders   : Taiwo, R.Martin,Gibbs

Alright, thats alot of options ive given you as each one of us can have a different prospective of the matches this week.Im sure you could get the best in and have a great matchday.It would be great to see one of you finish in the top 50.

Please feel free to ask any query about your team and we will be willing to help.

Have a great weekend.


  1. you need to do better research b4 posting your stuff, pienaar plays only one game as he is on loan from tottenham.

  2. Freidal

    Taiwo Carragher Baines

    Siggy Silva Miyaichi Young

    Suarez Aguero Poggy

    not thrilled about the double gameweek..

    1. Hi Trini,

      Freidel has dropped and is good at the available price.I like that pick.

      Do you get Skrtel and Enrique instead of Baines and Carragher ?

      Young is a good asset for the next few weeks.

      Im beginning to doubt Silva's spot in my team but only for a worth replacement if i find any.

      Same forwards.

    2. I can get Skrtel and Enrique for Baines and Carragher. Yeah i was very close to selling him this week for Gerrard, still might.

    3. I prefer Skrtel and Enrique.

      Latest injury update : Gerrard and Johnson return to training for Liverpool ahead of Sunderland clash.

      Im considering Silva to Gerrard switch.Keep Young, he tends to do partner well with Rooney.

    4. Somehow, i ended up chopping my team to pieces. Now I have

      Taiwo Skrtel Carragher
      Siggy Young Osman Gerrard
      Aguero Poggy Suarez

      6 DGs
      or do i stick with


      Taiwo Enrique Skrtel

      Siggy Silva Miyaichi Young

      Suarez Aguero Poggy

      with 3 DGs

    5. I prefer your 6 DGs team any day.You have it covered all sides and could end up with big numbers.

      My team is similiar to yours :

      Taiwo Skrtel Carragher
      Siggy Dempsey Drenthe Gerrard
      Aguero Poggy Suarez

    6. How did you do mate ? Hows your rank now ?

    7. the double game picks came through in the end, putting me into the 2100's. How about you?

    8. Yeah the Liverpool - Everton match was a thriller to watch and the points that came with it.Worked out brilliantly.

      I am 2329 rite now, had a couple of bad weeks before this.

      Its time to push and move forward quickly.

  3. I think you do good work on your picks and I enjoy an odd pick here and there, like this week's Holt. I would also recommend Bolton's Tim Ream for a cheap pick up.

    Keep it up!


  4. So AM, to play McClean or Sinclair?

    1. If you had to choose between only these two, i would go for McClean as Sinclair will find it tough against Man City.

      Other options are :

      1. Gerrard : If its confirmed by friday that he is fit.

      2. Pilkington : On matchup basis he would be right on top.

  5. Hi Nick,

    my team as it stands, and I am on holiday over the weekend so it probably won't change, is

    Ivanovich, Carragher, R. ferdinand
    Kuyt, Young, Osman, Myachi, Downing
    Suarez, Aguero.

    I would love to BD Freidel on Saturday but don't think it's possible for me, hope his value doesn't go up too much over the weekend.


    1. Hi Pierre,

      Just for your information ,this is not Nick,My name is Akhil M ( AM )

      Goog team there and matchups are ideal. Most of your defence plays at home to weaker teams which is nice.

      Freidel plays Stoke( home) ,Chelsea( Away ),Swansea( home ), Sunderland( Away)

      Happy Holidays !

  6. Thanks Akhil,

    thought you were Assistant Manager (AM)

    If I don't pick Friedel up this week maybe I will wait till after the Chelse agame.


  7. what would you do with dempsey at 17? drop to spread the wealth around for more dg?

    1. Hi Justin,

      It depends on your other picks.If you already have Reina,Liverpool defenders,Gerrard,Suarez then you wouldnt need to sell Dempsey.

      But in case you cant get the DGs because of funds, you shd sell him.

  8. To AM:

    Should i drop Taarabt(10ish) for Gerrard?

    I will definitely pick Taarabt if he starts, and I'm not sure whether Gerrard will play for both matches.

    Please guide me...Thanks!

    1. You would know before deadline if Taarabt is starting.

      If he does start, stick with him.Bolton is pathetic at the moment and you wouldnt be sure of Gerrard would play 180 minutes.

    2. How can I check? QPR facebook page usually updates 30mins before match begins, Soccernet around 15mins.

      Do you have other useful link? Hope you can update here before deadline.

    3. Thanks! Looking forward!

  9. Kenny, Diakite, Hill, Derry, Traore, Barton, Cisse, Wright-Phillips, Ferdinand, Onuoha, Zamora.

  10. how about Á. Buzsáky?

  11. Updated the QPR lineup above.Good luck on this week.

  12. My team for Week 28 :


    Skrtel Carragher Bridge

    Sigurdsson Dempsey Drenthe Gerrard

    Aguero Suarez Pogrebnyak

    Good luck all...thank you for taking out time to read our preview.Appreciate it:)