Friday, 2 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 27

Its a Friday edition of the Matchday Insight as we have had to wait for all the team news to come in after the international friendlies and see who all have recovered to play for the coming matchday.Lots of players withdrew before these matches due to a minor knock or just a precautionary measure by clubs.

Liverpool vs Arsenal is the early kickoff and is a buildup to a cracker of a week in store for us.Looking forward to all the matchups, most of the matches are evenly matched making it tough to choose either sides between them.The only ones where we could predict a clear winner are :

Man City vs Bolton
Fulham vs Wolves

Theses are the clear favourites to win at home this week and we do expect most of the teams to be filled with players from these two games.

Keeper : M.Schwarzer is the clear favourite for this week as he plays at home to Wolves and he has been cheap uptill his value shot up last week.In case you got him in earlier you could be in for a good week in that department.However i wouldnt buy him at 14.xx.

Defender : Richards has been benched in previous matches and he should start ahead of Zabaleta against Bolton.S.Kelly is reasonably priced around 7 and should be fit in time for their match against Wolves on Sunday.In case you have the funds to spend,Riise is a good option.Other options like Hughes could also be looked at.

Midfielders : Dempsey is a must have this week as his home form is excellent and could be in for lots of points.Silva has a great matchup and will be highly motivated as his contract renewal talks have commenced.There are several cheaper options in the City midfield and depending on how Mancini picks his team could be crucial.Nasri and Milner could be in for a big game depending on their starting.In case you are willing to gamble these either of them could be looked at.Yaya Toure is a good enabler at 7 and does tend to score against weaker opposition.

Forwards : Aguero is a sure starter and the best forward pick for this week.Apart from him i would consider Balotelli ahead of Dzeko in case you got him in at a cheaper price.I wouldnt risk buying either of the two at retail prices.P.Pogrebnyak has been in good form since he made a move to England scoring in each of the two games he has started.This week is no different as he plays a weaker opposition at home.

Other matchups :

As i mentioned earlier, all other matches are so close and you could not predict anything out of those games.What we could do is pick players with good form or a home advantage.There are several options in these matches and worth a look this week.

Keeper        : Vorm ( away to Wigan ),P.Robinson ( cheap option against Villa without Bent )

Defenders   : Shotton ( plays as a midfielder ),Taiwo,Wilkinson,Ivanovic( at Barn door price )

Midfielders : Taarabt(in form),Sigurdsson( against Wigan),Lampard

Forward      : P. Cisse,Yakubu,Agbonlahor( cheap at 7)

Well thats alot of options to choose from so try to get as many from the two easy games and the rest could be filled with these options above.Hope you all have a great weekend and get in a good score with your teams.

There are some pre match team news yet to comein later today, so keep a track on all updates here as well as on our twitter @iFantasyEPL.

You may feel free to ask us about your team and player picks , we will try to sort those out for you.



  1. Team atm:

    M.Richards@9, Ivanovic@5, Taiwo@4

    Silva, Dempsey, Yaya, Sigurdsson@8

    Aguero, Pogrebnyak@8, Agbonlahor

    with 0.04 left in the bank. I'm holding Taarabt at 12 and not sure if I should drop him and proceed with this team. I consider Demps, Gabby (hunch) and Richards as a must have.

    The other person I'm considering dropping is Siggy. In doing so, I can bring back Taarabt but with an enabler(i.e Delap) whilst letting go Yaya. Any suggestions on which is the wiser move AM?

    1. Btw, holding Krul at 3. Missed out on him :P

    2. I do feel Sigurdsson is in for a big game after being quiet for some time and Yaya has a great matchup.This combination does seem better than the Taarabt plus a filler.

    3. Moving more towards that direction too...Thanks AM!

    4. There you go.Sigurdsson 2 goals :)

  2. Currently on my page:


    Taiwo Kelly Richards

    Silva Siggy Taarabt Dempsey

    Aguero Pogre Yakubu(hunch)

    1. Hi trini,

      Thats a good team and Yak is a threat no doubt.Just hope Krul keeps up with Sunderland.

    2. i keep getting burned with him, so hopefully he makes up for it this week.

    3. Yak ---> Agbonlahor
      Kelly ---> Riise

      i hate friday changes.. but these seem so logical.

  3. Hi AM, please rate my team :


    Gibbs Orr Shotton

    Beausejour Dempsey Etherington Taarabt Moses

    Pogrebnyak Yakubu

    1. Hi Eirza

      You have good hunch picks in there which could turn out to be rewarding.yak and Pogra are good picks including the like of Taarabt and Dempsey.

      You should hope that not having Man city players in there shouldnt hurt much.

      This team could work out well.