Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 25

Before we get to Week 25, i do feel its important to lay stress on the massive impact RVP and Ox had on last week.It was a 69 pts combination which either put you right up there or made you feel disgusted for not having atleast one of them in your team.

Lets hope we have the best ammunition for Week 25 :

Easy Matchups :
Fulham vs Stoke
Swansea vs Norwich
Blackburn vs QPR
Sunderland vs Arsenal
Aston Villa vs Man City

Fulham and Swansea at home have been solid this year and are in form.On the other hand QPR must be gutted with their loss last week as they were reduced to 10 men for most of the match.Arsenal are in great form and they play Sunderland who have play on Wednesday against Middlesbrough in the Cup tie.Man City have been great and will continue banging in goals for fun against any opposition.

Picking players from the easy matchups would be the right way to go :

Forwards : RVP ( rest or no rest , this guy is a points machine/ Fantasy God and he averages more than 17 pts per game.Even if he does rest any game im sure he will make it up in the next one.So no rumours, no thoughts just get him in) Aguero ( He does get blamed for being too quiet in a few games before scoring big again and to an extent he does have his share of dull games but i do feel 'class is permenant and form is temporary' where he is concerned.I would prefer Aguero over Dzeko in case you have Aguero at a discount.Buying Dzeko at retail would be asking for too much. ). Zamora ( Without Cisse i do expect him to play upfront with support of  Swp,Taarabt,Buzsaky,Barton and looking at Blackburn's poor home record Zamora does seem to have a big game in hand). Graham ( The matchup is right for him to score well as we do expect a high scoring game against Norwich with both teams doing well offensively) Yakubu ( Back from suspension, he will be all fired up to get going and if you feel Qpr will take time to get their defensive act together, he could well fit the bill). F.Campbell( if you have him cheap and did take a hit by still keeping him last week, you could well wait for the payback)

Midfielders: Dempsey(he has to be the pick of this week playing at home against Stoke.You do fansy him to score big at home and playing as a forward just adds to the probability of him outdoing the rest.)Sigurdsson( he has been great since he joint Swansea and hasn't let his reputation do any harm with performances one better than the other.He is a great signing for Swansea and he fits in the team brilliantly.He should continue to do well and score/assist ) Oxlade-Chamberlain ( You knew somethings got to give building up to last week as he won all Arsenal supporters in the game against Man Utd where he was subbed for Arshavin that led to Wenger getting booed by the crowd.He is the one for the future no doubt but he is sharp,quick and has all the skills to do well.An exciting prospect to have in your line up ) Taarabt ( he was tipped to have a great debut season in the premier league and did live up to his reputation in the initial games before getting on the wrong side of Warnock.But now with Mark Hughes who has given his full backing and rather promoting Taarabt to shine in the remaining part of the season.He looked sharp against wolves and if he continues the saw way he could be lethal.If you are willing to do things differently, he could be ideal). Then there are Sessegnon and McClean who play at home and could be a handful if you have them cheap.
Pilkington is the only norwich midfielder who could create some opportunity against Swansea.

Defenders :Rangel/williams( you would fansy Swansea at home against any opponent as their home record has been great having lost just one game against Man Utd) ,Riise ( in case you want to spend big on a defender , Riise could be in for a big game against stoke ) S.Kelly ( If you are looking for someone who will return your investment, Kelly is a good pick at around 5.5 ) Clark ( In case you have if at 1.xx its a great buy as he has been giving back some decent scores of 8.5,6 and 10 in the last 3 weeks.He is a great enabler to keep).Taiwo/Onouha ( could be good enablers and should return your investment )

Goalkeepers : Vorm ( if you really want to splash the funds for a big keeper this week, Vorm is the right choice as playing at home against Norwich, he'll get alot of shots at him and thats alot of potential points )
Schwarzer ( His matchup is ideal and his price is even better.Just below 5 he is a steal and i would certainly have faith in him at home against Stoke) Kenny( At less than 4.5 he could be a good option as mentioned above Blackburn do not have a good record at home but you got to consider the fact that Yakubu is back and could cause a threat to QPR defence)

Best of the Rest :

Forwards    : P.Cisse and Rooney (at barn doored prices),Fletcher,Long (is back in contention for this    
Midfielders: Silva ( at discount only),Bale( at discount only),Eagles
Defenders  : Wheater,Ivanovic(cheap around 6 ),Stearman ( cheap at around 4.70)
Keepers      : Hennessey,Bogdan

Well, that brings us to the end of the best picks for week 25.Thats alot of options to choose from and it would be great to go for players for a longer period of time to ensure they return good value.

Hope you all have a great weekend and we would try getting you all news regarding injury or suspension before the deadline.You may feel free to comment in the column below and we will be glad to help you.

Cheers !!!                                                                                                       Twitter @ifantasyEPL


  1. Looks like we were thinking along the same lines this week.

    Krul (@ 3 Please god..)

    Bassong Clark (1.xx) Taiwo

    Silva(8) Sigurdsson(9) ox(5) Dempsey

    Aguero(6) RvP(25) Yak

    not great opposition for Arsenal, but i refuse to take RvP and ox out after last week. :/

    1. Hi Trini,

      Yes we are thinking along the same lines.My team is similiar to yours except i have P.Cisse,Vermaelen,Kelly,Schwarzer instead of your Yak,Bassong,Taiwo and Krul.So 7 players are same.

      Lets hope its a massive week for us.

    2. Agreed. Especially with not too many amazing matchups

    3. Looking at DDG for the early kick off instead of Schwarzer....hmmmmm !!!!!!!

    4. Who'd you end up with? I took a big -13 for the greater good this week in Krul. =(

    5. That sucks and the last thing you need is -ve pts in a low scoring week.Now you'll have to stick with him as he has sitters coming up.

      I went with DDG and bassong instead of schwarzer and kelly,ddg gave 5 pts and bassong yet to play.

      Bad week for all 30pts with aguero,silva,clark,bassong to play.

  2. AM please rate my team:


    Senderos S.Kelly Bassong

    Sigurdsson O'Hara Oxlade M.Petrov Taarabt

    RVP Donovan

    I hope Fulham can keep clean sheet as Stoke only score 1 goal in their last 4 EPL games. Even if they don't, I believe they can still hold a great points.

    1. Like your midfield picks.They all could have a big impact this week.

      Donovan hasnt done much till now and hope he does something against Chelsea.

      Rest is alright.

    2. Thanks for your feedback.

      I kept Donovan at 5+, so I don't expect 5+ player can return a lot of points but he's a great producer and Everton always stronger when againts strong team. He's in my team as long as he's fit.

  3. I really like the Ivanovic pick. At 6.02, he is a good investment.

  4. please rate

    evans, kelly(fulham), taiwo
    sigurdson, dempsey(C), ox, silva
    dzeko, rvp(V), aguero

    sub: mignolet, mclean, senderos, simpson

    did i choose the right captain?

    1. Yes i would pick Dempsey ahead of Rvp as captain for this week.

      Team looks good.

  5. I think my team are pretty messed up this week

    Richards Evans Kelly
    Sinclair Silva Valencia McClean
    RVP Bellamy Cisse(QPR)

    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi,
      Firstly Cisse is suspended for 2 more matchdays as he got a red card against wolves.
      You could look at Zamora or Yakubu as replacements.
      Secondly , Evans vs Bellamy would not be a good battle for your team as they play each other.A swansea defender could be good.
      Rest looks decent though would have likes Dempsey in there for this week.


  6. My team atm:


    Clark@1 Taiwo@4 S.Kelly@4

    Silva@10 Valencia@8 Sigurdsson@8 Ox@2

    RVP@25 Kun@14 Graham@11

    with 3.09 left in the bank. I would really like to have Dempsey in but can't find a way just yet. Pls comment on my team AM. Thank you.

    1. Am, what about this?


      Clark, Taiwo, Bassong

      Valencia, Ox, Sigurdsson, Dempsey

      RVP, Kun, Sinclair

      Should I make the change?

  7. Before you make that change :

    Krul and Silva have easy matches coming up after this week, so it wouldnt be a good idea on a longer period of time.

    I wouldn't trust Robinson and bassong to give me alot of points.

    So i would suggest you stick with the previous team as it looks pretty decent.

    1. Thank you AM. 1 more question, would you choose graham or sinclair? I personally might go for sinclair since he takes the penalties. What do you think? Thanks again ;)

    2. Yeah Sinclair could be a good option as well,you could go for him.Both have a good chance to score points.

      No problem,shoot your questions anytime.Cheers

  8. Hi AM!
    I always love to read your recommendations for YFF selection and most especially your candid assessment of teams.
    Pls keep it up and in no time your blog community will grow large. Bravo !
    Here my team for week 25 for your usual remarks:
    Cheers & good luck to everyone!

    1. Hi Tayo,Highly appreciate your feedback.Thank you.

      Team looks strong apart from your enablers ( Beausejour & Bassong) but its understandable when you have Rvp and Bale in there.
      How much do you have these 2 at ?

  9. hi AM, i have a question, do u think martin kelly of liverpool will continue to start after his good performance against spurs?

    1. Martin Kelly started last week because Enrique got injured due to a hamstring injury and Glen Johnson played at left back.

      This week Enrique is doubtful but not confirmed till yet.

      You can have the team news 15 mins before deadline as the match starts at 12.45pm UK time.So you will know if he starts or no.

  10. okay, thank you AM =)

  11. hi AM,

    how about my team

    Kelly Rangel Bassong
    Demps Siggy Eagles Taarabt
    Yakubu Sinclair Ngog

    thinking to change Ngog with Pogrebnyak but is he confirmed will start (debut)?
    what do you think?

    1. Hi Eirza,
      I like the team youve put up as its different and ideal for this matchday.I see you going with the best picks for this week and not depending much on discounts,which is the way to go.

      Pogrebnyak has a good chance of starting as A.Johnson is yet to return to full fitness.You could try him instead of Ngog, it may pay off.

      Good luck this week.

    2. thanks for your reply.

      yes AM, I just have discount on Demps and Siggy.
      I like to rotate my team every week. staying with discount will limits my choices.

      if I changed Ngog with Pogrebnyak, I will have around 3.5 more to spend.
      any other changes that you can recommend?

  12. Hi AM,

    O'Hara or Fletcher? Seriously...

    O'Hara-Doubts but likely to start.

    Fletcher-Fit to start but recent form is not good.

    So which one is likely to shine in their derby match against West Brom?

  13. Should I go:
    Krul --> Schwarzer
    Vermaelen --> S.Kelly

    Fulham having decent matchups moving forwards
    Varmaelen not returning good fantasy point lately

    My current team:
    Vermaelen, Wheater, Taiwo
    Silva, Dempsey, Ox, Sigurdsson
    Kun, Rvp, P.Cisse

    1. Im giving Vermaelen this last week in my team to perform or else he is out for me.

      Schwarzer is a better keeper to have this week no doubt, it depends on your discount on Krul if you want to let it go as he has easy matches coming up.

  14. Hi AM,

    My team for week 25:

    Vermaelen(6.07) Bassong(1.00) Williams(9.54)
    Silva(10.73) Ox(5.00) Sigurdsson(9.24) M.Petrov(13.15)
    Van Persie(21.23) Agüero(14.91) P.Cissé(6.69)

    What do you think? Any changes I should make? I have 1.08 in the bank. Thanks.

    1. sry for the late reply. Teams looks great for this week.
      Good luck

  15. Van persie. Should we sell him

    1. NO

      For reference

  16. yakubu, adebayor & Steven fletcher

    Which 1 is better

  17. Final Team for Week 25 :


    Clark Vermaelen Bassong

    Silva Dempsey Sigurdsson Ox

    Aguero Rvp P.Cisse

    Going with DDG just to enjoy the early kick off and Utd support
    Hope it pays off

    Good luck to all !!!